Hinoki Lab Reed Stick


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The number of reeds can be adjusted according to the strength of the fragrance you prefer.


Black: enhances the green color of the bottle to create a minimalist space.

Pale pink: a message of love and compassion.

Royal blue: calming and helps with concentration.

Moss green: harmonious and conducive to growth.

Rose red: exudes elegance, passion and vitality.

Red: warm and full of energy.

Ash gray: calming, neutral and balanced.

Violet: noble healing, leads to deep meditation.

Sky blue: fluttering in the blue sky, refreshing and trusting.

Charcoal gray: feeling the warmth of the earth, full of life.


01 Black

02 Pale pink

03 Royal blue

04 Mos green

05 Rose red

06 Red

07 Ash gray

08 Violet

09 Sky blue

10 Charcoal gray


How to use

Insert the reed directly into the diffuser oil.

For a stronger scent, add more reed sticks.

Set includes: 10 sticks (20cm), fiber

 hinokiLAB room fragrance. Diffuser oil and reed sticks