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The leaves and twigs of the Hinoki tree are individually selected by hand and carefully distilled with the fresh spring water of the Okayama mountains. The balance between the refreshing scent of a forest bath and the nostalgic and warm, woody notes is exquisite. Use when you are mentally and physically tired and it will heal your mind and body.

Enjoy the blessings of the forest at home, while taking a bath, or with a few drops in a handkerchief.


  • For a bath: 2-3 drops in the bathtub
  • For a sauna: add few drops to the water and splash it to the sauna rocks or coal for relaxing aroma steams.
  • To Refresh: 1-2 drops on tissues and handkerchiefs. Place on your bedside or desk and enjoy the scent.
  • For a diffuser: 3 to 6 drops. (electronic diffuser)


Product name: Hinoki essential oil Branch
Contains: 30ml
Other size: 5ml

Raw material: Hinoki branch (produced in Okayama prefecture)
Features: [Family / genus] Cupressaceae Hinoki genus [Scientific name] Chamaecyparis obtusa [Collection] Thinned wood [Production area] Okayama [Extraction site] Branches [Distillation method] Steam distillation method
Do not use or store the product within the reach of children or near fire. For external use only. Use within 2 years from the date of manufacture

Country of origin Made in Japan

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