hinoki LAB Aroma sachets branch (L)


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    japanese hinoki aroma sachets branch life style

    Hinoki potpourri for happiness

    Aroma sachet with hinoki wood flakes and finest hinoki essential oils. for closet, interior, or simply keep next to the pillow for deodorant and relaxing rituals.


    japanese hinoki aroma sachets branch how to use life style


    • Place a few in a preferred open container based on the space add 3-5 drops of Essential Oil or Fragrance oil. Enjoy :)
    • Once the flakes are dried replace them with new Flakes to enjoy a consistent scent with woody texture from the flakes.
    • We Recommend Fragrance oil for small bathroom the hint of fragrance may last even a day 
    • We Recommend Eo for Work tables as a quick refresh with the day. The Eo may last from 15-30 for 3-5 Drops