hinokiLAB Diffuser Oil Hinoki Wood 100ml


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hinokiLAB Diffuser Oil Hinoki Wood 100ml

Diffuser oil A

sweet finish in the freshness.
A scent that makes you feel better in your room.
Diffuser oil that can be used for dedicated diffusers and all aroma diffusers.
You can also use it by pouring hot water into a container and dropping a few drops, or by dropping it in hot water in a bathtub.
A space where you can feel at ease with the scent of cypress, which is full of healing and energy, for everyday life that has taken a long time due to remote work.
Active in various scenes


1. Safe with

natural ingredients 100% natural ingredients can be used safely by children and the elderly.
2. Creating a living rhythm with a scent It

is also recommended to create a living rhythm by dividing the scenes used by scent, such as the living room, work room, and bedroom.
3. Effect of cypress

Since it has a high deodorant effect and air purifying effect, it is also recommended for entrances, restrooms, and nursing care.
Hinoki leaf A
refreshing and tranquil scent reminiscent of a temple in the morning.
Recommended when you want to soothe your soul or frustrated mood.
Hinoki cypress branches
and leaves The aroma is refreshing and has a dignity, with a slight floral sweetness. It creates a higher-grade space.
cypress A woody note that is unique to Hinoki cypress and has a rich, warm and gentle wrapping effect. You can enjoy the feeling of being immersed in a cypress bath.
Citrus cypress A
blend of bergamot and mandarin that is refreshing and slightly bitter. Feel calm like a fold in the forest.
Herbal Hinoki A
blend of eucalyptus and lavender, with a refreshing, fresh and green scent that resembles the shade of a forest. Also as a companion for yoga and stretching.
Spicy cypress A
soothing cypress scent blended with essential oils such as bergamot, sweet spicy cinnamon, and gloves. The energetic scent is also for men.
name Hinoki Lab Diffuser Oil "Hinoki Wood"
Internal capacity 100ml
Other scents  


Hinoki cypress
branches and leaves



Raw material name Hinoki essential oil (tree) Vegetable ethanol
Precautions Do not use or store the product within the reach of children or near fire. It's not food.
* 100 ml can be used 3 times a day (20 minutes to 2 hours program) for about 2 months (in the case of a dedicated diffuser).